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  • Rip, shred, carve, and trick your way through town and the park.

    If we could Sk8 all day you know we would, with the break at night to update here what we find trying out new gear and toys. It's what we do. The second part of what we do, like we said already, is update this site. We'll be doing plenty to make sure that all of our favorite boards, wheels, grip, helmets, trucks, everything we find that shreds or carves, is all talked about here so that you don't have to burn cash experimenting as much yourself. Find out how it goes for us and what we learn trying out the gear, and take up using it for yourself if it seems to fit your style.

    We've got three focuses here. skateboards, parts, and safety gear. In boards you'll find we're covering all the bases here as we add content for trick boards, downhill, cruisers, even electric. Parts, just like it sounds - all your riser pads, bushings pivot cups, spacers, and more. Helmets and everything you need to protect your dome, knees, shoulders - what have you. Keep you in one piece so you spend less time spread on the pavement and more time tricking and cruising.

    All made available through Gotta Sk8.

  • Tony Hawk Shred Software Wii Game
  • 100PCS/Pack Random Music Film Vinyl Skateboard Guitar Travel Doodle Graffiti Decal Cute Fashion Car Funny Stickers Waterproof Car Stickers
  • Skateboard Sports Cool Life Simple Black DIY Wall Stickers Wallpaper Art Decor Mural Room Decal
  • Electric

  • MotoTec MT-SKT-600 800w Dirt Electric Skateboard
  • Longboard

  • Dusters Blotter Longboard Complete
  • Cruiser

  • Ridge Original Mini Cruiser Skateboard
  • Classic

  • Ace Black Complete Skateboard